CCH System


CCH or Central Clearing House is a system that is created and used in electronic payment transactions. It acts as a middle ground which helps to facilitate transactions and categorize them based on its corresponding service provider.

As a standard system, CCH is vital to every business. Not only is it convenient, but it can support very large amounts of money, and enhance the safety and reliability.

Security Like No Other

Enjoy your meal using Rabbit Card

BPS CCH system shall process and allocate payment transaction report generated to specific card service providers.

Using a Single Journey Ticket on the MassTransit

BPS CCH system will process and allocate payment transaction report generated to correct service providers.

CCH is the last stage in AFC/EDC. It gathers information from all different tiers, and categorizes them based on the service provider. For BPS, the service providers that we work with are: Rabbit Card, Rabbit Line Pay, Mangmoom, and the banks. Currently the 2 main businesses which use the CCH system are retail companies (Rabbit Reader) and transportation services (EDC/AFC).