AFC System


BPS is Thailand’s specialized designer and implementer of Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) and Central Clearing House (CCH) technologies for mass-transit rail, commuter bus, tollway, and other urban transportation payment applications.

The AFC is an automated fare collection system designed to help manage ticket processing, ticket dispensing, ticket reading and fare collection. It consists of front and back-end systems.

BPS provides expert System Architecture, Transaction and Parameter Data, and Fare Media design services.

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Ticket Vending Machine

TVM allows passangers to obtain single journey ticket or top up Rabbit Cards.

Scanning BTS Card

AFC readers will read and process customer fare information from rabbit or single journey cards.

Easy access control process

AFC system uses access gates to monitor incoming and outgoing passangers.

AFC Project: Pink and Yellow Lines

BPS is the Prime Contractor to deliver the Northern Bangkok Monorail Pink Line and Eastern Bangkok Monorail Yellow line AFC and CCH systems in Bangkok, followed by cross-line intergration with the Green Line.

Together, the Pink and Yellow Lines are the largest railway infrastructure project in Thailand history, by number of stations (53).

Front End

The front-end system includes Ticket Vending machines (TVM), Automated Gates, Point of Sale Terminals (POS), Station Data Concentartors an more.

Back End

The back-end system includes Central Server System, Fare Management and Fare Media Management.

The AFC Process

Tier 0 includes the type of card used. There is the Euro, Master, and Visa card, Rabbit card, Single Journey Card, and Magnetic card.

Tier 1 includes the AFC equipment at stations that reads and writes information from the card provided by the client and processes their card transaction and data. This tier also includes point of sales terminal that issues and analyze the card.

A station computer that is located on each station. It monitors the status of AFC equipment at station, and control open/close AFC equipment and routing data transaction to Tier 3.

The central computer system is the database server that holds the fare media, status of AFC equipment, and financial data provided from Tier 2. From this it generates a several types of report.

Tier 4 is where the CCH is located and is designated to the client. The CCH will manage the aportion in the case that there are several card providers.