Our specialty enables greater card and payment systems efficiency.


Central Clearing House (CCH) Solutions

CCH plays an important role in electronic payment transaction system. It acts as a virtual middle ground where exchanges of information between member servers in the network takes place. The accuracy and safety of information being transferred rests on how effective the CCH is. Inefficient CCH can result in losses on both sides of a financial transaction — client overcharged for a service or provider receiving incorrect amount for a given service. To prevent loss and enhance profit, we can help you design an effective CCH and solutions to best utilize the system to get you closer to your business goals.

Our notable CCH client is the Bangkok Mass Transit System Company Limited (BTS Skytrain).

Automated Fare Collection (AFC)/e-Ticket Solutions

AFC is an automated system designed to manage ticketing process, including ticket dispensing, ticket reading, fare collection, etc. An AFC system consists of hardware (e.g., ticket machines, automatic gates, ticket readers, etc.) and software components (e.g., fare management, media management, etc.), and integration of the two has significant impact on the whole system. With this in mind, we offer solutions for both components as well as how the two can be integrated to maximize your business capability.

One of our clients in this category is the BTS Skytrain.

Retail Payment Solutions

Retail payment solutions are an extension of the payment technology used in our AFC/e-ticket line of products. This technology can be integrated to fulfill the delicate and constantly changing demands of retail business, and our team are specialized in equipping you the solutions to help you adapt to the age of e-payment.

Our clients in this product group include Bangkok Smartcard System Company Limited Company Limited (BSS; company which brings you Rabbit Card and Rabbit LINE Pay).

Technology and Consultancy Solutions

In addition to transit and payment, we also offer consultancy on and integration of our technology to fit other business needs such as access control, parking management, staff ID, etc.


Our services are provided with our products as part of our complete-loop guarantee that ensures the quality of products and satisfaction of our clients.  These include System/Device/Terminal Management System (TMS) Modifications and Maintenance Services and Payment Project Management and Consultancy Services.